OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. It accurately handles nonlinearity of materials, geometries, and contact for applications including gasket analysis, bolt pre-tensioning, rotordynamics and thermo-structural analysis.



Accurate and Comprehensive Physics

  • It is important when designs are driven and optimized based on simulation results. Highly accurate and comprehensive analysis solutions that capture the behavior of products in the everyday environment.

Highly Parallelized Solver

  • OptiStruct can be executed on hundreds of cores and even bigger implications in the larger design development scheme. Ensure engineers has the ability to perform large scale optimization designing reliable and robust design exploration studies via design of experiments and so on.

Comprehensive Non-linear Solver

  • Domain decomposition helps to speed up analysis using multiple cores and supporting static analyses that includes temperature dependent nonlinear materials, geometry, and contact. Loading and friction can be quasi-time based. Element erosion, hyperelastic materials, user defined materials, and continuous sliding are supported. Bolt pretension and gasket materials are supported for powertrain analysis.

Most Advanced Solver for NVH Analysis

  • OptiStruct supports the process workflows necessary for efficient and effective noise, vibration, harshness and acoustic analyses. Such innovative process workflows enables full vehicle NVH analyses to be performed quickly and efficiently.

Better Performing, Lightweight and Innovative Designs

  • Appropriate optimization technology maximizes the potential for designers and engineers to rapidly develop better in the design process designs. Advanced optimization algorithms in OptiStruct, often, better performance comes along with a reduction in weight through the development of an innovative design concept.

Seamless Integration into Existing Processes

  • Integrates tightly with existing processes helps to reduce corporate spending on solver technology. Superior analysis workflows ensure the use of existing pre- and post-processing environment.

Easy to Learn

  • Most importantly, this is an easy to learn and integrated tools that uses streamlined analysis workflows and the commonly understood Nastran input format to help smooths the learning curve.


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