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About the Event

In this session of Hands-on SOLIDWORKS Simulation Test Drive series, we will dive deep into the experience of using the powerful and easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS® simulation functionalities and features that will help you in achieving optimum performance.

Modern electronic devices always have the requirement to avoid overheating to achieve optimum performance. Solving heat transfer issue effectively in electronic devices is important to assure your products are competitive in the market. Investment in multiple prototyping can be costly and experiences are required to solve heat transfer challenges in the industries.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation offers the solutions to solve heat transfer problems by simulating the effects of temperature, heat transfer effectiveness and ventilation in your product. We will simulate a case study of electronic box utilizing the extensive material database offered by SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. You will have the opportunity to compare between different iterations in virtual environment.
Understanding thermal management in your design with modern simulation approach.

Who Should Attend

Engineering Analysts, Product Engineers, Simulation Engineers, Middle Management and other Engineers who want to learn about SOLIDWORKS Motion Simulation; and who would like to know more about industry trends and an overview on the Simulation solutions and services that ATE provides to empower local companies to meet engineering challenges.

Event Highlights

1. Getting your first prototype to work
2. Explore multiple iterations with “Zero Cost”
3. Explore thermodynamic with a familiar interface
4. You do not need to be a PHD to be and expert in thermal management

Event Details

18 Aug 2017, Friday
2.30pm – 5.30pm (registration starts at 2.00pm)
140 Paya Lebar Road #10-11 AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore, 409015