Exclusive Breakfast session – Inspire to create

In by ateworks

About the Event

“Design optimization is not new and many have benefited especially in the automotive, aerospace and large structures. Today, this technology is readily available and affordable to even to SOHO situations. At Airbus, simulation and generative design technology created the wing structure for the A380 that saved them half a ton per wing. The resultant structure was sound with a massive weight reduction and done in record time. The process didn’t just save time and money. Imaging the energy and CO2 emissions savings with the number of A380 planes currently in operation. ” -Altair Engineering Inc.

Who Should Attend

R&D Directors and Managers, Engineering Directors and Mangers who want to find a better way to do concept designs in a quick and fast manner. Design Engineers, Product Designers and Architects who need to investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily.

Event Highlights

  • Welcome Address and Introduction of Altair Engineering
  • solidThinking Inspire
    • Current Trends
    • Introduction to Solutions
    • Industry Applications
    • Business Benefits

Event Details

10-14 July 2017 (Choose any 1 (one) date)
8.00am – 9.30am
Compound Coffee Co. – 31 Kaki Bukit Road 3, #01-02C, 417818