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The ability to understand the potential problems in your parts and assemblies when in motion can be a valuable feedback to your design. With the newly launch SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller, you can now easily manipulate assemblies that contain moving components, and even those with many degrees of freedom.

What you don’t know about patterning

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Linear Pattern – Instance to Vary When designing a product, we might need variations. If we were to do a linear pattern on this extrude boss, we can imagine the pattern that is being linear patterned on will have the same image throughout. What if we wants the same extrude cut but different in size? Typical method will be creating multiple profile for the cut.

Non-common but yet useful dimensioning method

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Perimeter Dimensioning When adding sketch dimensions from an arc, a radius dimensions will be added by default. However, by select the two end points of the arc and selecting the line of the arc, a perimeter dimension of the arc will be created. Creating a dimension on circle is fast and easy. What about perimeter circle? The image is showing a radius dimensions. The smart dimensions that we see the image shows R. The differences between this two dimensioning will …

Automate Your Task With Task Scheduler

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TASK SCHEDULER SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows you set up tasks to perform at a later time. Performing a resource-intensive task such as rebuilding a large assembly could be time consuming, you can use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to perform the job after office hours. You can choose to schedule task on a daily basis or quarterly, depending on your workflow. SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler runs on detached window interface that is different from the SOLIDWORKS application. You will need a SOLIDWORKS Professional, …

Setting The Standard For 3D SOLIDWORKS® Learning Solution

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By HongWan At ATE, our mission is to empower our engineering community with advanced 3D engineering solutions and tools to meet the demand of our future economy. To achieve our mission, one of the major initiatives is to deliver a total 3D SOLIDWORKS® learning solution that will enable engineers to develop core competency to meet the needs of the industry. With this, we have created a complete SOLIDWORKS Learning Solution for your engineering needs. The Total SOLIDWORKS Learning Solution  As indicated in the above …

Connect With Other CAD File Formats Using SOLIDWORKS FeatureWorks

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By Selvam All of us at least once will need to open other CAD System files (non-SOLIDWORKS format) from either our customer, vendor or partner. Very often, since different CAD system is run by different kernel, we may not be able to directly edit the feature of the imported foreign CAD file. Within SOLIDWORKS, you will always end up with importing a dumb solid with no feature history. What will you do in such situation? Introducing SOLIDWORKS FeatureWorks, it has the built-in feature …

Creating Simple Animations In SOLIDWORKS

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By Nathaniel Creating animations in SOLIDWORKS can be really simple, especially with the tools provided. Some of these tools are easy to pick up and make the animation process less of a hassle. Coupled with Photoview360, it is also possible to create photorealistic rendered animations. One of the most basic ways any user can create an animation would be to start a motion study and make use of the motion manager and available wizards to begin creating their animation. For this …

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Enhanced Sweep Function Give You More Control In Design

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By William SOLIDWORKS sweep is an advance feature to create spring-like component or custom profile running through desire path. Very often, designer will create circular sketch profile before performing the sweep. In SOLIDWORKS 2016, a circular profile option is now available for selection under the sweep feature. This enhancement is not just limited to working with curves, model edges and sketches can also be used to define the path. This addition make it easier for the designer as there is no need to sketch a …

Enhanced Visualisation With SOLIDWORKS 2016 PhotoView 360

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By Fadhil PhotoView 360 has always been a powerful tool in SOLIDWORKS for the photo realistic rendering of models. In SOLIDWORKS 2016, PhotoView 360 has been further enhanced with the new Motion Blur capability. With this new feature, users will now be able to apply blurring effect associated to capturing images of part in motion. This feature can be applied to animation as well as to still images. With this enhancement, users will now be able to capture ultra-realistic images of part in …


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By James SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard 2016 is a new document management product which uses the same technology as the current SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (EPDM) product. In this release, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM will be renamed to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to maintain consistency in the product line. The good news is, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium licenses. If you are a single site business, then SOLIDWORKS PDM standard will be very ideal for you to perform your data management application. …