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ATE Singapore SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018

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ATE Singapore Solidworks Innovation Day 2018 brought together more than 350 customers and partners of ATE with a common theme: How to be Digital-Ready for Industry 4.0 with the latest technologies from SOLIDWORKS. It was a great time of networking within the dynamic community of designers, engineers, and business managers that use SOLIDWORKS in Singapore. The event started off with great anticipation and funfare, especially among friends and colleagues in the engineering profession. Setting the stage for the day’s theme, an introduction to Industry 4.0 was made by Wong Keat Tze, Director of ATE Singapore. A case was made for …

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Digitalization as a first step towards Industry 4.0

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Many of us in the technology and manufacturing industry have heard of the need to move towards the 4th Industrial revolution. There have also been many events, seminars and forums created to help various industries understand the benefits of industry 4.0’s smart manufacturing for the future. The Singapore government, spearheaded by EDB and MTI, have also carefully drawn up plans to help spur the industry towards a transformation that ensures our manufacturing industry is “future-ready” through the Industry Transformation Map (ITM), in which Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory feature very prominently. Of course, there is also now some financial …

How do I install a new SOLIDWORKS Networks License?

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SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager (Server)You can install SOLIDWORKS SolidNetwork License Manager Server on any workstation as long as OS is compatible with the respective version of SolidNetwork License Manager. You will need to check the following before starting the installation.1. SOLIDWORKS Serial Number2. SolidNetwork License Manager Installer file (part of complete installer file)3. Administrative Access to run installation4. Working internet connection (for license activation. Recommended but not compulsory for installation) Step 1. From the SolidNetwork License Manager Installation file (swlicmgr), double click on the Setup.exe program file. Step 2. Under License Information, key in all the Network Licenses(separated with a …

How do I install a new SOLIDWORKS Standalone License?

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You can install SOLIDWORKS on any workstation as long as OS is compatible with the respective version of SOLIDWORKS. You will need to check the following before starting the installation. Step1: From the Installation file, double click on the Setup.exe program file Step 2: Under Type of Installation, select Individual (on this computer) and click Next. Step 3: Under Serial Number, enter the SOLIDWORKS Serial Number (and any other product serial number to be installed together in this installation) and click Next. A valid Serial Number must be input as it will be authenticated before proceeding to Step 4. Click …


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The ability to understand the potential problems in your parts and assemblies when in motion can be a valuable feedback to your design. With the newly launch SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller, you can now easily manipulate assemblies that contain moving components, and even those with many degrees of freedom.

How to map SOLIDWORKS PDM variables with MS Word Document?

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SOLIDWORKS PDM software is easy to implement, requiring little IT support, and can be customised to your project workflow. Get your team focused on product development and innovation in a much quicker and synchronised way. Join us for our upcoming events or SOLIDWORKS training programme. Improve on your engineering skill sets, be a 10x better engineer.

Revisit your childhood with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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Competing who’s paper plane flies the farthest and highest is part of everyone’s childhood memory. But how do we validate our our paper plane design is achieving optimal performance? How to fly high and far enough? With a little bit of help using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, you definitely can fly higher and farther. Below is a paper plane example that we created in SOLIDWORKS. Using this simple illustration, we are going to investigate the aerodynamic fluids effect on the flying plane when the paper plane flies. A little tweak to the model we remain half the model with an elevated …