Setting The Standard For 3D SOLIDWORKS® Learning Solution

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By HongWan

At ATE, our mission is to empower our engineering community with advanced 3D engineering solutions and tools to meet the demand of our future economy. To achieve our mission, one of the major initiatives is to deliver a total 3D SOLIDWORKS® learning solution that will enable engineers to develop core competency to meet the needs of the industry. With this, we have created a complete SOLIDWORKS Learning Solution for your engineering needs.

learning workflow

The Total SOLIDWORKS Learning Solution 

As indicated in the above workflow, our complete SOLIDWORKS® training program will now comprises of 3 programs, namely, the Literacy program, Professional program and newly launched, online learning program.

For Literacy program, it will be delivered in classroom format, and caters for starter or for engineering professional who is new to SOLIDWORKS to build confidence before embarking on the Professional program. The best part is, Literacy program is developed in-house by our very own ATE Technical Services team after listening to the feedback from our engineering community. We have also enliven our delivering of the Professional program so that you can be assured of developing the right core skills in SOLIDWORKS.

We also understand the importance of continuous learning in SOLIDWORKS and as a result, we are proud to have launched ATE Online Learning Program, partnering with award winning online solution provider, SolidProfessor to bring to you the best in class online learning platform. The online SOLIDWORKS platform will complement your classroom learning objective as well as allowing engineering professional to learn at their own pace. With this addition, we will have now a complete training solution for your SOLIDWORKS needs.

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Interested to find out more about our training program? Talk to HongWan, the Senior Technical Manager of ATE at Alternatively, You may visit ATE website, email to or contact us at +65 6747 0502.



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The ability to understand the potential problems in your parts and assemblies when in motion can be a valuable feedback to your design. With the newly launch SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller, you can now easily manipulate assemblies that contain moving components, and even those with many degrees of freedom.

Mate Controller is a one-stop feature which allows the user to consolidate all the limit mates that they wish to control. The Easy manipulation controls will give you precise control over the positioning of your components. It is also possible for you to control the operating position of your assemblies by creating snap shot for each of the position. This is a big advantage considering that you use to require configuration to achieve the different positioning.

Included in this new enhancement is the integration with Motion Studies. Now, you can create animation easily by exporting the positioning that you created in Mate Controller into animator, thus making animation creation effortless.

From the application point of view, it is definitely going to be a sweet spot for automation design especially in the area of pick and place design. With Mate Controller, you can easily and quickly verify your assembly motion before your manufacturing. Example of a typical application can be seen in the video below.

How to map SOLIDWORKS PDM variables with MS Word Document?

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SOLIDWORKS PDM makes everything so easy

SOLIDWORKS PDM software is easy to implement, requiring little IT support, and can be customised to your project workflow. Get your team focused on product development and innovation in a much quicker and synchronised way.

Are struggling with a huge number of non-CAD documents?
How about adding file properties or details automatically – even before opening the documents.

Document summary – title, subject, creator, keywords, description, Template, lastModifiedby, revision, TotalTime, lastPrinted, created, modified, Pages, Words, Characters, Application, DocSecurity
DocSummary – category, PresentationFormat, Lines, paragraphs, Slides, Notes, HiddenSlides, MMClips, ScaleCrop, Manager, Company, LinksUpToDate
CustomProperty – The attribute names are custom defined

The above items of an office documents can be mapped with SOLIDWORKD PDM Data Card Variables, so that the values of these items can be added or changed using PDM feature without opening the documents.
Refer the video for the steps to map variables for a Word document.

Three key steps to remember
1. Create custom properties on the Word Document
2. Add the macro to the Word document (Find the script in the description)
3. Create Data card variables

Macro Script:
Dim aStory As Range
Dim aField As Field
For Each aStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
For Each aField In aStory.Fields
Next aField
Next aStory

Join us for our upcoming events or SOLIDWORKS training programme. Improve on your engineering skill sets, be a 10x better engineer.

Revisit your childhood with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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Competing who’s paper plane flies the farthest and highest is part of everyone’s childhood memory. But how do we validate our our paper plane design is achieving optimal performance? How to fly high and far enough? With a little bit of help using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, you definitely can fly higher and farther.

Below is a paper plane example that we created in SOLIDWORKS.


Using this simple illustration, we are going to investigate the aerodynamic fluids effect on the flying plane when the paper plane flies.

A little tweak to the model we remain half the model with an elevated angle of 16o.


Quick Knowledge:
How does a paper plane works?


As the paper plane launch from our hand, the swing moment of our hand will produce the Thrust for the plane to move forwards. The wind motion that opposes the motion of plane will create a Drag to stop the plane.

Due to the airfoil shape of the paper plane, as the motion of wind across the body of paper plane, it will create a pressure different in the top and bottom region that create a Lift on the paper plane. The mass of the plane will create a Weight impose by the gravity pulling the paper plane downward.

We will then simulate a scenario during the flight of a paper plane, assuming that the paper plane fly forward with a velocity of 5m/s. We will run 3 different similar studies to check the performance of our paper plane.


Now, let’s look at the results of analysis for our first configuration.

Configuration 1


Pressure plots on the wings

Pressure plots on the wings

We are interested in the pressure difference between the top and bottom region that create the LIFT force that keep the plane stay gliding in the air. The difference in value of pressure will determine the Lift of the paper plane and a wide and uniform distribution will ensure a good gliding of the plane.

Configuration 02
Add wing flap flipping downward on both wings.

Configuration 2

Pressure plots on wings


Configuration 03
Add wing flaps flipping upward on both wings.


Pressure plots on wings


Comparing 3 different configurations

Configuration 01 Configuration 02 Configuration 03
paper-plane-configuration-01 paper-plane-configuration-02 paper-plane-configuration-03

Configuration 01 have a decent distribution in the pressure region on the wing, we should be expecting the paper plane to fly in a straight course for a while. This configuration will serve as a bench mark to the upcoming configuration

Configuration 02 seems to have higher pressure in the middle of the wings as well as a more concentrated pressure region. We should be expecting the plane to fly higher compare to configuration 01 as the lift force is higher in this case. However, due to the low pressure region at the tail of the paper plane, it might results in higher drag force as the orientation of the paper plane changes along the flight, hence, the paper plane might not fly as far.

Configuration 03 has a high pressure region on the top face of the wings tail. This will probably cause the plane to make a sharo-turn in the air and topple and fail slight moment after the launch.

With all these information on hand and different case study carried out, we can definitely come out with the best paper plane that flies furthest and highest.

So, next time you want to build a paper plane. Make sure you get it validate in SOLIDWORKS Flow before building it.


For More Information
Interested in SOLIDWORKS course? We have exciting NEW courses line up for 2017. Register your interest now and see how you can qualify for early bird promotion for NEW courses. Alternatively, You may visit ATE website, email or contact us at +65 6747 0502.

What you don’t know about patterning

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Linear Pattern – Instance to Vary
When designing a product, we might need variations. If we were to do a linear pattern on this extrude boss, we can imagine the pattern that is being linear patterned on will have the same image throughout. What if we wants the same extrude cut but different in size?

Typical method will be creating multiple profile for the cut.

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Non-common but yet useful dimensioning method

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Perimeter Dimensioning
When adding sketch dimensions from an arc, a radius dimensions will be added by default. However, by select the two end points of the arc and selecting the line of the arc, a perimeter dimension of the arc will be created. Creating a dimension on circle is fast and easy. What about perimeter circle? The image is showing a radius dimensions. The smart dimensions that we see the image shows R.

The differences between this two dimensioning will be the icon that is over the numbers.

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Automate Your Task With Task Scheduler

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SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows you set up tasks to perform at a later time. Performing a resource-intensive task such as rebuilding a large assembly could be time consuming, you can use SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler to perform the job after office hours. You can choose to schedule task on a daily basis or quarterly, depending on your workflow. SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler runs on detached window interface that is different from the SOLIDWORKS application.

You will need a SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium, or SOLIDWORKS Office license to fully utilize SOLIDWORKS Task scheduler.

Summary of Task Scheduler
This will be the explanation of each tasks that SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler that are able to do. This short post, we will be talking the Print Files for easy reference.

Task scheduler

  • Convert Files – create a task to convert files from an earlier release of SOLIDWORKS to the current release.
  • Upgrade Assistant – planning to migrate to a new version of SOLIDWORKS, you can use the Upgrade Assistant to test that your parts, assemblies and drawings will migrate correctly.
  • Update Files – rebuilds the specified documents with any changes made since the last time the model was rebuilt.
  • Update Associated Files – Update a SOLIDWORKS document and its referenced documents.
  • Import Files/ Export Files – schedule tasks to import IGES (*.igs, *.iges) and STEP (*.step, *.stp) files into SOLIDWORKS part (*.sldprt) files
  • Update Custom Properties – Update custom properties in SOLIDWORKS documents.
  • Create Drawings – Create drawing files for SOLIDWORKS part and assembly files.
  • Create eDrawings – Export SOLIDWORKS documents as eDrawings® files
  • Update simulation – Update the SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis in SOLIDWORKS part and assembly documents
  • Design Checker – Check designs of SOLIDWORKS documents using a standards file generated with Design Checker.
  • Render and Animation – Manage rendering tasks you set up in PhotoView or animation tasks you set up in Motion Studies
  • Build ECAD Files – Build multiple ECAD files as SOLIDWORKS solid models

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler

Searching for Task Scheduler from start menu > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS 20__ > SOLIDWORKS Tools > SOLIDOWORKS Task Scheduler.

Creating Task from SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler allows me to create task that is hectic and time consuming to do. For example, currently I am required to print out SOLIDWORKS Drawings daily. However, I have my daily task and I am not able to just focus on printing my drawing sheets.

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is able to help me on this tedious task of printing drawing sheets. I am able to create future task to be schedule to meet my workflow.

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HOT NEWS: ATE Singapore graces the Singapore International Robo Expo 2016

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1-2 November 2016, ATE Singapore came as a visitor to the Singapore International Robo Expo 2016. Here we have discovered the latest products and solutions available in the global and local arena with over 40 exhibitors.Robo Expo

Upon visiting the Demo zone and Startup zone which entrepreneurs and companies had demonstrated new technologies, innovations, products and services in the robotics sphere. There was also be various institutions showcasing their robotics solutions and vibrant R&D collaborations with the industry and academic partners.

Robo Expo Drone

Truly, this event was a success!

Congratulations to all Organizers and Exhibitors.



You may contact us at 6747 0502


3D for 2D engineering

JUST IN: ATE graces AeroIndustry Annual Meeting (AIAM) 2016!

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AAIS invited their different partners from different sectors, including Advanced Technology Enterprise Pte Ltd Singapore, to the AeroIndustry Annual Meeting (AIAM) 2016. This was held after the 14th AAIS Annual General Meeting. Truly it was an event empowering companies for their Aerospace prowess.


AAIS partnered with Starburst Accelerator to bring members and the Singapore aerospace community, a glimpse into the future of aerospace innovation. Everyone was able to hear from start-ups companies as their share their innovative ideas that could potentially change the way aerospace business is done and currently operated in the industry.

We learnt that Starburst Accelerator is an aerospace start-up incubator based in Paris, with offices in Munich and Los Angeles, which provides a platform for start-ups needing a voice of technology feasibility and access to partnerships with OEMs and established aerospace MROs.

Event started with early Registration, proceeded by Welcoming by AAIS people. Followed by the empowering presentation by Starburst Accelerator: focusing on “Emerging trend of innovations in aerospace/MRO”. Event was ended with AAIS doing recap on the event’s success and inviting everyone to their upcoming initiatives.


Everyone held hands sworn in working in partnership with AAIS to explore areas of collaboration in encouraging the incubation of local aerospace start-ups, technological cooperation and co-development of products and solutions to common industry problems.



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JUST IN: Hands-on Test Drive for SOLIDWORKS Visualize and MBD – Full-house and Success!

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Attendees were introduced to 2 Solutions in just 1 Session!

The session included topic leveraging on 3D CAD data to create photorealistic marketing content before manufacturing; and as well as going paperless and no more 2D drawing environment with 3D drawings with all manufacturing dimensions and details.

Indeed after the event, attendees learnt how to design and market products faster by turning imagination into reality through impactful content and experiences. Everyone knew the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize which can produce an enhanced 3D visual helping decision making experience in a fast, easy, and fun way.


In line with this, everyone took note of SOLIDWORKS MBD being an integrated drawing-less manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS users. MBD helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information.
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Here are some of the photos to see their experience.





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#AeSolEx2016: Aerospace Solution Experience 2016 – a great success!

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“Flying cars, hybrid vehicles, massive jets, sleek new fighters, and Mars-bound rockets. These are the kinds of things we consider when we think of our latest heights in the endless evolution of human flight: hardware. Indeed, the old cliché about there being a million parts in an airplane is truer now than ever. But are we ready for this?” Prior to the event, we asked everyone about this… And now we are happy to say that – WE ARE READY!

A photo of the Showcase booth of ATE Singapore. TEAMWORK! 

#AeSolEx2016: Aerospace Solution Experience 2016 – a great success! This event wherein ATE, OSG and Mazak teamed up to offer the comprehensive solution for Aerospace. The main objective is to stage an event catering Aerospace Machinery Industry to introduce an optimum solutions and Technology in addressing its engineering processes.


Attendees was as well happy to be part of the momentous event and witness of the launch of SolidCAM Singapore!

People gather in front of Mazak’s Machine for live-cutting of Aluminium and Inconnel Material 

Thank you for all those that took part on this event!
For those who are not able to come, we missed you but we hope to see you on our next events.




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