How to find Wire Lengths in Solidworks Routing

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How to find Wire Lengths in Solidworks Routing

by David

One of the perks of 3D modelling is that you get a better grasp of what is the best dimensions needed to create your assembly. Whether it be intereference detection or proximity checks, you can evaluate if everything fits well and most efficiently in an assembly. But did you know you could also minimize wire wastage using Solidworks Routing? Using Solidworks Routing you can first choose whats the best layout for the wiring path in the 3D CAD model, and then you can see what is that wire length needed to achieve such an optimized layout.

In this short clip, I first created a wire connecting two points, which I then used the flatten feature to find out the total length of the wire. This will definitely reduce wastage if we are to cut the required wire from a roll, reducing mistakes of the cutting process leading to less wastage. Check it out below:

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